Genre, looking into sub-genres.


Task: Pick 3 films of different styles and research into the sub-genres exhibited.

Harry Potter (1-8)

– Fantasy, Family, elements of romance, comedy, thriller, mystery, adventure, coming of age.

This series of  films individually have different genres. This series of films started whilst i was a young child- the target audience for these films were young children that would grow up along side the characters. For Example Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone, Harry Potter started Hogwarts at the age of 11 and as the films progressed and the characters grew older so did the target audience so we were able to watch the genres change as the films became more dark and mysterious and because the audience were older we were able understand the different sub genres.

Fantasy- This genre is pretty obvious as the full series of films follows a young wizard in a magical world. You cant get more fantasy then that! The films portray such a magical world perfectly from moving staircases, to flying broomsticks and performing spells with wands.

Romance- As the characters grow older the young friendships adapt and other feelings enter the equation, this genre doesn’t take over the whole fantasy genre of the films however after the Goblet of Fire I personally feel that romance begins creeping in. This genre isn’t listed with the films however I personally feel that it’s such a big part of the film. For example, the characters Ron and Hermionie. These two characters never became friends instantly as at a young age boys and girls seem to not get along? However watching the two characters grow up together you were able to watch their relationship adapt and become more intimate.

Also following the character of professer Snape  your able to see his past and how his love for Harry’s mother urges him to protect harry distantly through his time at hogwarts.


Transformers(1) (2) (3)

– Action, thriller, adventure, science fiction, comedy.

Science Fiction- Transformers is a sci-fi based action and adventure trilogy. The story line follows a young boy named Sam Witwicky who experiences contact with a robot based life form called an auto-bot. The story progressed and an alliance forms to protect earth from the deceptacons which are also a robot formed life form. This falls under the science fiction genre as the films delve deep into science fiction based topics using made up jargon such as “enegrgon” “matrix” “cybertron” ect.

Adventure- The adventure genre fits perfectly to this as the film is a huge adventure for the young boy Sam (Shia LaBeouf). The adventure section of the film is the adventure working with the auto-bots, U.S ARMY, and also an adventure of becoming a man in some sense. Sams character wasn’t stereo typically ‘cool’. His adventure also could be growing up, relationships, buying a car (which turned out to be an alien robot) ect

Comedy- Although comedy isn’t selected in the genres listed on IMDb I personally feel that this is an added element which makes these movies unique.
For example at the beginning of the trailer Sam’s dad played by Kevin Dunn jokes about buying his son a Porsche for his first car, adding a light comedy to the movie although the story line is very serious.

“aw can you smell it?”
“yeah it smells like $40,000 a year”

“what your about to see it top secret, do not tell my mother”


Taken 2
– Action, Crime, Thriller

Taken is a Action based film which is heavily focused around the sub genres crime and thriller due to obvious points such as the weaponry used in both films by Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson). Also the thrilling side to both the films which makes them gripping for the audience. The story line falls into the thrilling genre most of all for me as the story follows a father- a retired CIA agent- travelling across europe to try and find his daughter who has been ‘taken’.


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