Travel Photography Task.

Travel Photography.

Task:  Take a bus or a train to somewhere that you have never been before.

Take a photograph that tells us about the place.

Take a photograph of something or someone that you found there.

Prepare a statement about your pictures describing what you have photographed and why.

I decided to take a random train to Harrogate. Rhian, Sophie, Hannah.B, and Claire accompanied me on this trip. Harrogate was 30 mins on train away from Leeds and none of us had been before. Perfect.

This photograph stands out for me because just as we’d stepped out of the train station this small, sweet seating area was just across the road. I think this image sums up Harrogate quite nicely as I spent the afternoon walking around the town and realised that it’s quite an old, historic, quiet city. I really like the composition of this image as I made sure that there was something in every angle of the image. Using things such as the bridge and the hedge to frame the focal point.

19 25

Both of these images are of people that I saw in Harrogate. I particularly like the juxtaposition of both of these images, one showing someone sat down raising money for a good cause and the second image showing a selection of people. Firstly a worker changing the local bins just doing their job and secondly a pair of scruffy looking gentlemen sat smoking, I love how I was able to caputure the moment with both of these images. I think they both reflect nicely on my trip to Harrogate.

I have not edited any of my photographs but intend on doing so.

23 24 15 20 22 12 13 14 9 10 11 5 6 8 4


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