The Vow
The Vow is a Romance film which is based around the love between two characters. Paige and Leo. Both of these characters endure a car crash together and Paige suffers from severe head injuries resulting in her memory loss. The romance in this film is displayed through the process of Leo having to  win back the heart of his wife. Drama is a sub genre in this film as it shows a true dramatic story re-lived  through the art of film. I don’t think that there are any other hidden sub-genres in this film as comedy or scifi don’t fit with the whole story line as it’s such a true to life story.

The Proposal
The proposal is primarily a Rom- Com (Romantic Comedy) which is a mixture of Romance and Comedy. The film follows two characters who work together. Margaret played by Sandra Bullock forces assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry  her to avoid her deportation to canada. The film follows the pair undergo a journey to prove that their marriage is real, the journey involves tears, arguments and lies. The journey between both of the characters is pretty funny as the personalities from both characters juxtapose each other which is very comical.

Bridget Jones’ Diary-
Bridget Jones’ Diary is first and for most a documentary like film following the life of character Bridget Jones (Rene Zellweger). The film falls under the genre of romance, due to the fact that the film is based around Bridget’s love life. The sub genre that fall closely with the main genre is comedy. This is because bridget jones is the archetypal british woman, she has the same problems ect. The director is clever and uses these stereotypical ‘women problems’ and makes them comical.

Street Photography. 


Street Photography

The composition in this image is simple but genius.  The photographer has obviously put the camera around his neck and just waited to see what would happen. I love how the camera was able to capture most of the the image in focus. I also believe that the added touch of having the photographers hands in view of the shot is effective as a photographer uses his hands and the camera and here the photographer has put his faith in his camera and left it be.
pixelScreen shot 2013-03-07 at 13.30.51

This street photograph is so easily captured yet the scenario would be hard to find unless this photograph is staged. I love how the subject is playing his instrument in a complete world of his own. Looking at the photograph you’d assume that he is travelling on the subway, this has lower class connotations and probably reflects upon his lifestyle, and maybe him playing his instrument is one way of him earning money.

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Amazing photography is something we’d expect from this famous photographer. The composition of this photograph is simply perfect. The decisive moment was one of Cartier-Bresson’s philosophies and he demonstrates this perfectly in this street photograph. It shows amazing lines and different dimensions within the image which help the eye wander.

Surrealism- Vladimir Kush

Surrealist painter Vladimir Kush uses normal things and pairs them with different objects. Such as the female shoe and the ship. I believe that this is a good match as when people talk about countries or ships they personify them and refer to the objects as she or her, such as ‘she’s a beauty’ ect. Also looking at the design of the shoe it looks very old fashioned and could reflect on the age of the ship and reflect what sort of people travelled on this transport.



I really like this image of the ship by Vladimir Kush, I think this is a very good example to sum up surrealist art. I like the femininity of the pink flowers and ow that juxtaposes the masculinity associated with ships. Also like the image above it reflect upon how people personify the ship and refer to them as ‘she’s’ and i think that the use of flowers used as the ships sails displays this beautifully. Also ships have connotations of men, dirt, disease and this isn’t shown on this painting.


This painting follows the same theme of both of the other surrealist painting above and is painted by Vladimir Kush i love how he pairs objects together to create a surrealist type of transport. This painting covers 90% of the sky and only shows about 10% of the water. I think that the message is that the ship can lutter away into the clouds, into dreams as clouds have dream like connotations.



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