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Choose a recent News story and find two different types of coverage for that story.  Prepare a statement that discusses the two different approaches to the same story. Who is the addresser and who is the addressee

The Sun. ‘Plot to behead Joss Stone’
The Guardian.’Men plotted to rob and murder Joss Stone, court told.’

Picture3The Sun.

The sun is stereotypically aimed at working class people. This is not in all cases however the style of the online newspaper is short simple sentences, pictures to accompany the text – to keep the reader involved in the article – and simple use of terminology( to avoid any confusion on the matter as The Sun want a wide audience to understand this matter).
The story follows the plotting to kill well known singer/actress Joss Stone. The story quotes some writing found on pieces of eviddence found quoting…

“Jocelyn RIP”, “find river to dump her”, “look for jewellery box”, and anti-royal messages such as the Queen’s “system” was “taking the p***”” – Extract from The Sun, James Beal

This shows that The Sun have done their research and can now filter through source material and tell the story of this matter truthfully and simplified for their wide target audience.

The addresser of this Article is the writer James Beal as he wrote the article. The addressee of this text is the target audience of The Sun Newspaper online. usually adults who are interested in local news topics, current affairs, showbiz and sports news.

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Joss Stone murder plot

The Guardian.

The Guardian isn’t known as a ‘red top’ newspaper, The Guardian is known as a broadsheet. Even though these are online publications the overall layout still follows.

The Guardian has a very specific target audience. The online broadsheet unlike the sun doesn’t have any pictures to accompany the text other than an official court sketch which are very popular when the media discuss court hearings ect.

The Guardian also like The Sun have quotes from sources such as Simon Morgan who is prosecuting the two defendants. Showing that The Guardian have lots of source material and show substantial evidence to back up the information provided without simplifying it.

“Simon Morgan, prosecuting, said the men – Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32 – may have targeted Stone for financial reasons or even because they disliked her royal links, but he added: “Their motive may never be clearly established – we may never know.””- Extract from The Guardian Online- Steven Morris.

The addresser of this article is Steven Morris- a journalist for The Guardian. The addressee of the text again like The Sun is the target audience of The Guardian, probably people who again are interested in current affairs.

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