Portrait Photography.

” A photographic portrait is a photo of someone who knows he’s being photographed” – Richard Avedon.

-Dorothea Lange- Migrant Mother
-Susan Bright
-Roland Barthes
-William Holbine- Narrative in his portraits.
-Laura Panak
-David Lappachell
-Nadav Khander


“The camera can say anything that the photographer or sitter wants to say”- Susan Bright.

Task: FInd a photographer that succeeds in communicating a message about that person. Whats the message? How is it communicated?

David Bailey:

Find a photographer who succeeds in communicating a message about a person(s).

David Bailey.image

David Bailey, a famous British photographer who’s work is truely amazing. David Bailey is credited with photographing the most compelling images in his career. The most famous of Baileys bold black and white portraits include artist Andy Warhol, famous model Jean Shirmpton, singer Mick Jagger and The Kray Brothers.

In my own opinion I believe that this portrait is very successful, the photographer is able to connect with the subject through the art of portraiture and this is what David Bailey has done. No props or special techniques are needed for this portrait as Bailey has perfectly enlightened the friendship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the body language shown in this portrait is the only technique used as it shows endearment and trust. This in turn captivates the viewer.





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