The Raw Issue.


Raw- Uncooked, Something in it’s natural state hasn’t been processed or purified.
Raw- Shooting type– camera raw.

Raw Beauty- Nude, Plain, Untouched, Pre-Production, Un edited, No Make-up, Natural

Raw Colour- Primary colours, Nothing artificial, Not Blended/Processed

Raw Emotion– Crying, Anger, Happiness, Unexaggerated, Not Staged.

Raw Materials- Rock, Charcoal, Minerals

Raw Nature- Untouched landscapes, Not cultuvated, Not lived in completley natural. Landscapes, sea scapes

Raw Food- Vegetables, Fruit, Raw Meat

Raw v.s Artificial – fake tan, pale skin, microwave food raw food, city scape landscape, make up no make up.

My final idea is a very recent idea. Before this I had intended to do some portrait photography based around Raw beauty. Looking into the Dove beauty campaign and combining that with Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeansons photography work around portraits. Poking fun at how much editing comes into play after finishing a photoshoot however i wasn’t pleased with my images and decided to change my idea last minute.

I struggled with this topic as I didn’t have a clue what I was going to base my issue around. Then I delved deep into what I thought Raw could mean. I have stated the obvious interpretations of the word would mean but then I thought about a raw source, and something being a raw source of something happening, something physical or something not physcial like a story or an idea.

This is when I thought about something that could be the raw source of a story and I looked at my hands. Just looking at them and looking at all the signifiers there could be when people looked at my hands. They are quite small, very pale, my nails are painted and i was wearing rings at the time.
The signifieds that there could be from looking at my hands could be young female, student, creative, fashionable, and possibly looking at the paleness of the skin looking at ethnicity or type of personality this person could have.

Stereo typically if somebody had fake tan all on their hands you would assume that the person is young, conscious of their pale skin, wanting to be tanned, to fit in.

I love the idea of hands because one persons hands can tell you so much, whether the person has scars, that in itself is a raw source of a story. looking at possible tattoos, painted nails, club stamps, wrinkles, life experiences. These are all documented on your hands and this is the issue i wanted to delve into and look into more.


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