Event Photography.

Find an event to cover.  This could be a sporting event, a news event ( eg a demonstration), a community event, a music event etc.

Edit two pictures from your photographs of the event:

•One picture should be an overall shot that describes what was happening.
•The other should be a picture that sums up your experience of the event
Prepare a statement about the event and why you chose the two pictures from all the pictures that you shot.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-21857379I was really worried about this assignment because i’d never covered an event before I didn’t know what style the photographs had to be but I really enjoyed myself. I chose to take photographs at the opening of Trinity Leeds- The new shopping centre in Leeds city centre.I loved the atmosphere in Trinity Leeds as everybody who lives in Leeds has seen this progression of the building taking place and it was all new and exciting. The opening event included a dance act and an aerial dance act.I was able to capture some fantastic images of the aerial dance act that was put on show for the crowd also the general crowd, how packed the shopping centre was and how exciting the experience was.


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