Location Photography.

Fashion Location Assignment

Using one model wearing the same clothes take two location photographs:One location where you would expect to see the model and one location where you wouldn’t expect to see your model. Prepare a statement about your pictures describing how the locations you have chosen affect the overall mood and message of your picture.

Model: Amy Roberts.

My Idea. Prom

Location 1 is the unexpected. I plan to take my images in a local building site area. I intend to show the purity, beauty and elegance of my model and juxtapose this against the rough, dirty background/location. I know that this contrast will work great together as this is totally unexpected and not conventional of prom photographs. Stereo-typically you’d expect prom images to be taken in a studio to show professionalism or in a lovely location which compliments the elegance of the youths at their prom.

Location 2 more expected of prom as i intend to take the photograph against a plain coloured background to duplicate the feeling of a studio. As i didn’t have my own studio or access to a studio i decided to just use my bedroom wall which isn’t ideal but I feel that the background sufficed  I intend to edit the images in Photoshop to enhance the fact that the images are supposed to look like they are in a studio.

amy4.5 amy 5

I chose these two photographs because I personally feel that they contrast each other so much.

The first photograph of my model in a building area I chose to take the expectations further by showing the model really happy as if she was comfortable in her location, I think this works really well as the natural stance she has works with the background in a way as it’s also natural and not staged however plays on your expectations further by her not fitting into this background. I’m really pleased with the outcome of this image. In photo shop I tweaked the image slightly by making the highlights a tad brighter and also in camera raw i played around with some of the techniques on there.

For my second photograph- in the ‘studio’. I’m not very pleased with this image, due to the fact that I didn’t have access to a studio did affect the image a lot as I would have loved to use the lighting and the studio back drop to make the photograph look really professional. I do like the idea behind the swapping the expectations around as you’d expect a girl at prom  looking really happy. As looking back at our own prom photo’s my professional photograph showed me looking really happy, however I chose to make the image look really staged and fake to reflect the staged location however I don’t believe that it has worked very well due to no fault of my own. I did try to add a ‘studio’ effect on Photoshop by changing the curves and levels to add more highlights and shadows.

Editing fashion image 1 (2) editing fashion image 1 (3) editing fashion image 1 (4) editing fashion image 1 (5) editing fashion image 1 (6) Editing Fashion Image 1 Editing Fashion image 2


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